• Off-Grid Communication

    The Airwave is a Bluetooth dongle that connects your phone and walkie-talkie giving you an advanced communication network in remote places, without relying on cell towers or WiFi

    • Universal walkie-talkie compatibility
    • GPS sharing and Offline Maps
    • Text Messaging (Group/Private)
    • PTT Voice Communication
    • Emergency Mode
    • Integrated Media Player
    • Repeater compatible
    • Android 5+


    Real time GPS location sharing

    GPS Sharing

    in real-time with all other Airwave users, and see yourself and friends on offline maps

    Chat mode, SMS, test messaging

    Public/Private Chat 

    message anyone in radio range or just to your friends

    Walkie talkie voice communication from your phone

    Voice communication from your phone's UI or earphones instead of handling your walkie-talkie

    Emergency mode lets others know you're in trouble

    Emergency Mode 

    broadcasts your GPS and a pre-defined message letting others know you're in trouble

    Rendezvous meeting point sharing

    RV/Way Points

    Set up rendezvous points/way points and broadcast them to your friends

    Stow walkie talkie easily

    Safe Storage

    Stow your walkie-talkie and Airwave safely in a pocket or backpack and use just your phone

    Custom meta data sharing

    Data Logger

    Capture custom data points to log and share important information about your environment


    Fully configurable broadcast settings and user profiles

    Media player and music

    Media Player

    lets you listen to music, with auto-pause/play if there's a conversation

    Walkie talkie features preserved

    Use your walkie-talkie's existing channels and privacy codes to reduce unwanted chatter

    Walkie talkie features preserved

    We're really excited about the upcoming launch of the Airwave; get on the pre-order list here!

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