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    What is the Airwave?

    The Airwave is a Bluetooth device that gives you a local, point-to-point network by linking almost any walkie-talkie with your phone. This means you get voice communication, text messaging, GPS sharing and an Emergency Beacon without relying on the availability of WiFi or a cellular network.

    Where can I use the Airwave

    You can use Airwave anywhere in the world because it uses the power of a walkie-talkie network to deliver digital services that traditionally only a mobile phone network provider can offer.

    What walkie-talkies is the Airwave compatible with?

    Airwave is compatible with most models from the major manufacturers of walkie-talkies; take a look at the Compatibility section for your model.

    What is the range of the Airwave?

    As the Airwave leverages the walkie-talkie to create it's digital sharing network, the range is dependent on the power of the walkie-talkie you attach it to.

    Does the walkie-talkie adapter cable come with each Airwave?

    Yes. We provide you with a cable for each Airwave you buy. You just need to select the correct cable when making your purchase based on the compatibility list here.

    How does Voice Communication work?

    In exactly the same way as using a walkie-talkie, except you use your phone to make and receive radio calls. You can press the PTT button within the Airwave App, press the inline function button on a pair of connected earphones/headphones, or hook up a Bluetooth remote, depending on your need.

    How does Text Messaging work?

    The Airwave app has a chat client which is very similar to apps like WhatsApp and such. You can see all of your messaging history, message individuals or groups based on who is currently on your walkie-talkie channel. Simply start typing a message and hit send to broadcast the message to everyone on your channel, or find a friend in the list and send them a private message.

    How does GPS Sharing work>

    Your GPS location is shared passively at a time interval that you specify. This means that every n minutes, the app will encode and broadcast your location to everyone on your channel and in range of your walkie-talkie, and you'll show up on their map within the Airwave app. Your movement will also be updated with a pathway line on both yours and their maps, so it's easy to see where you've been, how fast your're moving and so forth.

    How do Rendezvous Points (RV) work?

    Simply select a point on the map and choose the option to share the RV with your friends. They'll see this in their Airwave map and can then work out where you are in relation to them. This is an excellent safety feature to have when you're in unfamiliar territory and need to arrange a meeting point.

    How does the Emergency Beacon Work?

    When triggered the Emergency Beacon will periodically broadcast your GPS location and a pre-defined text message to everyone in range and on the same channel. You'll show up on their map with a special icon so it's obvious you're in trouble.

    Can I still make/receive phone calls?

    Yes. You can make and receive phone calls as normal assuming you have network coverage.

    Can I use a Bluetooth Remote to trigger the PTT?

    Yes. We have developed compatibility with Bluetooth remotes which means you can strap one of these to your handlebars, gloves, wrist etc. and simply use a remote to start voice communication, instead of using your earphones or the app PTT button.

    Can I use FRS and licensed Walkie-Talkies on VHF, UHF etc?

    Yes. It doesn't matter what band or power your walkie-talkie has.

    Does Airwave drain my Phone or Walkie-Talkie battery?

    No. The Airwave has it's own dedicated battery for precisely this reason.

    How long does the Airwave battery last?

    The Airwave has a 340mAh lithium ion battery that lasts for up to 24hrs depending on use and ambient temperature.

    Can I still use Privacy Codes on my Walkie-Talkie?

    Privacy codes for voice communications still work as normal. Text messaging and GPS sharing use a specific algorithm when the app encodes their data before sending, so that no-one else can read them unless they also have an Airwave device running on the same channel.

    When will you have an iOS version of the App?

    At the moment we don't have an answer for this. Apple make life very difficult for hardware requiring us to submit design plans and use one of their approved factories which limits our options in sourcing a manufacturer. We hope to resolve these issues in the near future of course. Make sure you sign up to the pre-order list to get all the updates on iOS and other developments as they happen.

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