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Airwave Prototyping

From Concept to Reality

In searching for an engineer to help take my idea from the drawing board to a functioning prototype, I stumbled across The Serval Project; a revolutionary app which creates a mesh network using your phone's wifi, aimed at proving a low cost, reliable network particularly in 3rd world disaster scenarios. Think earthquakes, hurricanes and alike... It's run by Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen, who introduced me to Musti

Field Testing

...a few months later and we had a field-ready prototype. We headed to the Canadian Rockies for the Winter to test in a harsh mountain environment. Whilst the unit was bulky, it performed well. As we all ski/ride with music and often want to take our own line but not lose each other, we found it extremely useful to have instant, on-demand communication at the push of a button.


Testing complete, we returned to the UK to refine the circuit board down to something far more portable. The result is P3 sporting a bright red box! Development of the Android app started and we continue to focus on reducing the size of the hardware.

Case Development

With the help of a mechanical engineer working with Musti, the case has been improved with a curved edge to better fit a 'standard' walkie-talkie. This is the final version we plan to make available on the crowdfunding platform once we launch!

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