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Airwave FAQ

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Does the Airwave work with my walkie-talkie?

The Airwave is almost universally compatible with any radio that has a headset jack. We provide the audio cable when you buy an Airwave and so currently we support most radios from Motorola, iCom, Baofeng, Midland, Kenwood, Yaesu, and Garmin

Does the Airwave work with Android?

Yes. Airwave is compatible with Android 5.0 and above and will be released before iOS

Are you making an iOS version?

Yes. Apple insist on making app development particularly difficult for hardware products mainly in an attempt to protect the user experience. However we will be releasing iOS compatibility in the near future

Does everyone in my aroup need an Airwave

No. The Airwave is designed to work both as a standalone device for centralising voice communication into your phone. However, if you want to use the other great features such as location sharing, chat and emergency mode, each person will need an Airwave

Can i still use my phone to make calls etc?

Yes. All your calls and notifications work as normal

Does Airwave drain my phone or walkie-talkie's battery?

No. The Airwave has its own dedicated battery which can even recharge your phone via its micro-USB port if you start to run low

As Airwave is designed for use in remote environments where a cellular signal or wifi is unlikely to be found, we recommend switching your phone to 'airplane mode' and then enabling Bluetooth. This reduces drain on your phone's battery whilst connected with your Airwave

Can i use wireless earphones with Airwave?

No. Most phone's Bluetooth chips do not support multi-point audio and can support only a single audio stream, at any one time

Does Airwave interfere with transceivers or similar safety devices?

Airwave uses Bluetooth to connect with your phone, which operates on its own dedicated, globally consistent frequency. We would recommend keeping your phone away from transceivers and similar devices, as they can interfere if not left in Airplane mode.

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