• Smart Walkie Talie: Airwave bluetooth dongle upgrades any walkie talkie with real-time location, text and data sharing, without relying on cellular or WiFi connectivity



    • Bluetooth dongle for your walkie-talkie
    • Voice communication
    • GPS location sharing and tracking
    • Send text & data (Private & Group)
    • Compatible with almost any walkie talkie
    • No 3G/WiFi required
    • iOS & Android
    • Available Dec 2016


    The Airwave is a Bluetooth, walkie talkie dongle offering voice communication, real-time location, text and data sharing from your phone, in places where cell towers/WiFi/3G don't exist


    Walkie talkie voice communication from your phone

    Voice communication from your phone instead of handling your walkie-talkie; truly hands-free!

    Real time GPS location sharing

    Share your location in real-time with all other Airwave users, and see yourself and friends in Google Maps

    Chat mode, SMS, test messaging

    Public/Private Text message anyone in radio range or just to your friends

    Emergency mode lets others know you're in trouble

    Emergency Mode lets others know you're in trouble and need assistance

    Stow walkie talkie easily

    Safe Storage

    Stow your walkie-talkie away in a pocket or backpack and use just your phone

    Custom meta data sharing

    Data Logger

    Capture custom data points to log and share important information about your environment

    Rendezvous meeting point sharing

    RV/Way Points

    Set up rendezvous points/way points and broadcast them to your friends

    Charge your phone without AC

    Power Pack

    Recharge your phone direct from the Airwave's battery


    Fully configurable broadcast settings and user profiles

    Media player and music

    Media Player

    lets you listen to music, with auto-pause/play if there's a conversation


    Simply pair with your phone, plug in your walkie-talkie and stow in a pocket or backpack

    Connect Walkie Talkie

    Universal Compatibility

    • Connect the audio cable to your walkie talkie's headset jack (cable supplied) and stow in your pocket or backpack up to 30 feet from your phone
    • Access the full range, channels and privacy codes of your walkie talkie
    • Compatible with any walkie talkie where a headset jack is available

    Download and Pair

    Free App

    • Download the app, launch and pair with the Airwave device using Bluetooth.
    • So long as you stay within 30 feet of the Airwave, you'll remain connected
    • Dedicated battery lasts 24hrs
    • Tiny form factor attaches securely to your walkie-talkie

    Get Communicating

    Love Bluetooth

    • Use the app's screen based PTT button or plug in your own earphones and the smart mic button becomes the PTT (Push to Talk)
    • Make/receive phone calls and hear all of your notifications as normal
    • Listen to music on the integrated media player which auto-pauses/plays music when transmitting or receiving audio

    We're really excited about the upcoming launch of the Airwave; get on the pre-order list here!




    Rob Wheatley: Founder & Entrepreneur

    Rob Wheatley


    An entrepreneur, avid snowboarder and lover of technology. Rob has a background in Fintech & business analysis

    Luka Mustafa: Hardware Engineer

    Luka Mustafa

    Hardware Engineer

    Musti is a hardware genius and the guy behind awesome projects from the Irnas Institute like wlan-Slovenia, Koruza, and of course, The Airwave

    Martin Hudson

    Tech Advisor

    Martin is one of the original designers of Bluetooth and an expert in mobile systems

    Vitaly Nechaev Tech Strategy & Advisor

    Vitaly Nechaev

    Tech Strategy & Advisor

    Vitaly brings his technology expertise to advance Airwave's business development efforts

    Rob Visser


    Rob is a technology entrepreneur and lifelong business explorer with a passion for extreme sports.

    Paul Kemp: Graphic Designer

    Paul Kemp

    Graphic Designer

    With a background in graphic design, Paul's the source of all the graphics, branding and design aspects of The Airwave

    Tibi Miklos


    Tibi is a die hard Android developer with a passion for game development, graphics and AI

    Claire Dewar


    Claire of Dewpoint Global has many years of experience in event production, marketing and PR for a variety of global action sports brands


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