• Airwave Hero - Smart Walkie Talkie



    • 2-way radio communication integrated with your phone
    • Use your earphones as a headset
    • Compatible with almost any walkie talkie
    • No cellular/data required
    • iOS & Android
    • Available Dec 2016


    Better than a smart walkie talkie; the Airwave upgrades your existing walkie talkie with smart technology so you can use your phone/earphones as a headset, with music, calls and notifications automatically mixed in.

    Airwave Infographic; How to smart your walkie talkie

    Simple technology, amazing utility

    • Connects almost any walkie talkie with a headset jack to your phone via Bluetooth (Cable supplied)
    • Use your own earphones as a headset and smart mic button as a PTT, avoiding poor quality manufacturer's headsets
    • Stow Airwave & walkie talkie in a pocket/backpack up to 30ft from your phone
    • Access the full range, channels and privacy codes of your walkie talkie 
    • Make/receive phone calls and hear all of your notifications as normal
    • Integrated media player auto-pauses music playback when transmitting/receiving
    • Dedicated battery lasts 24hrs
    • Tiny form factor attaches securely to your walkie-talkie

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    Rob Wheatley


    An avid snowboarder and lover of technology, Rob came up with the idea for the Airwave after a near-death experience at Chainsaw Ridge, Blackcomb.

    Luka Mustafa

    Hardware Engineer

    Musti is a hardware genius and the guy behind awesome projects from the Irnas Institute like wlan-Slovenia, Koruza, and of course, The Airwave.

    Paul Kemp

    Graphic Designer

    With a background in graphic design, Paul's always drawing and developing new ideas. He's the source of all the graphics, branding and design aspects of The Airwave.

    Rob Visser

    Development Lead

    Rob is a technology entrepreneur and lifelong business explorer with a passion for extreme sports.

    Stefan Malacu

    App Design

    Stefan is a natural designer with an engineer's mind-set and a passion for Salsa

    Tibi Miklos

    App Developer

    Tibi is a die hard Android developer with a passion for game development, graphics and AI

    Claire Dewar


    Claire of Dewpoint Global has many years of experience in event production, marketing and PR for a variety of action sports brands and ski resorts globally.


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