• Smart Walkie Talie: Airwave bluetooth dongle upgrades any walkie talkie with real-time location, text and data sharing, without relying on cellular or WiFi connectivity



    • Bluetooth dongle for your walkie-talkie
    • Use your phone as a centralised communication tool
    • Reliable voice, text, & data without 3G or WiFi
    • Compatible with almost any walkie talkie
    • iOS & Android
    • Available Dec 2016


    The Airwave is a Bluetooth dongle which upgrades any walkie talkie with real-time location, text and data sharing,

    to improve your safety and communication in remote environments

    Airwave Infographic; How to smart your walkie talkie

    Simple technology, amazing utility

    • Connects almost any walkie talkie with a headset jack to your phone via Bluetooth (Cable supplied)
    • Use your own earphones as a headset and smart mic button as a PTT, avoiding poor quality manufacturer's headsets
    • Stow Airwave & walkie talkie in a pocket/backpack up to 30ft from your phone
    • Access the full range, channels and privacy codes of your walkie talkie 
    • Make/receive phone calls and hear all of your notifications as normal
    • Integrated media player auto-pauses music playback when transmitting/receiving
    • Dedicated battery lasts 24hrs
    • Tiny form factor attaches securely to your walkie-talkie

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    Rob Wheatley


    An avid snowboarder and lover of technology, Rob came up with the idea for the Airwave after a near-death experience at Chainsaw Ridge, Blackcomb.

    Luka Mustafa

    Hardware Engineer

    Musti is a hardware genius and the guy behind awesome projects from the Irnas Institute like wlan-Slovenia, Koruza, and of course, The Airwave.

    Paul Kemp

    Graphic Designer

    With a background in graphic design, Paul's always drawing and developing new ideas. He's the source of all the graphics, branding and design aspects of The Airwave.

    Rob Visser


    Rob is a technology entrepreneur and lifelong business explorer with a passion for extreme sports.

    Stefan Malacu


    Stefan is a natural designer with an engineer's mind-set and a passion for Salsa

    Tibi Miklos


    Tibi is a die hard Android developer with a passion for game development, graphics and AI

    Claire Dewar


    Claire of Dewpoint Global has many years of experience in event production, marketing and PR for a variety of action sports brands and ski resorts globally.


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